Licia Ronzulli, member of the European Parliament, has been taking her daughter Vittoria to the Parliament sessions for two years now.

Just dare say once again that women are weak!

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@ariskipriyanto Happy 7 Months! 

@ariskipriyanto Happy 7 Months! 

Let me put this way!

Ceritanya lagi dengerin soundtracknya endless love, yang super sedih, dengan balutan piano dan biola yang ciamik. emm, bukan itu yang mau diceritain. let me put this way to explain this feeling when you hear this song. first, sorry with my english yang campur aduk dan beler sekali -_-


when you get stuck in something, no one can help you to solve this problem, the secret God’s scenario. you just terombang ambing sama masalah itu, sick, tired, and pray through this problem. asking something what you never wont to know. you haven’t ready with the answer. you only waiting, waiting, and waiting

you rolling into the deepest hurt while you walking  alone on that street. you are not enjoying the grass swinging bcs the wind. your foot has been got pain after walked long journey like your heart facing that problem, but you wont give up. 

imagine this, yes, you only imagining this and you’ll feel it


Especially Ariska Nurfajar Rini :)

jika dibilik hati ini ada yg menyinggahi

pasti risau tak akan menempatkan dirinya

lalu sebuah cinta menggema dari semua bilik

semua akan tersimpan rapat

sampai akhirnya tak ada yang tau siapa yang bersandar pada bilik itu


Chit chat!

I can log in this tumblr! yeiy! only with it I can tell anything (since facebook and twitter became dump)

well, it has been a long time to pausing write something on media social. and another reason i got a loyal-listener. but, nowadays i am getting bore with all these routines. i need a journeeeey! pls ;_; 

somehow i just want to share many facts about me now:

1. i almost become a manager on my organizations 

2. orz,  the one which is very hurted me, my iman decrease

3. my brain getting full and i always unmemerized lot of things

4. yeah, i need a journey, at least muterin satu kota lah

5. i’ll vomit with all edents thingy, for sure just sick and tired

6. new choices! scientist, economist, designer graphic?  focus on what should i choose with my career.

7. i dont interesting with scholarship anymore

8. i am acquainted with my ex bf (yeah, it’s no important)

9. there are many steps to achieve my career! yeay 

10. i have a new lil sister! aaaa she is Zahra (photos coming soon) 

11. my relationship has been 6 months! <3 

and that’s all, (maybe) thanks for read, bye :* 

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Superb Lucky!

"if Allah has written for you happiness, no one can steal that from you. ask Allah to fill you in my happiness forever aamiin @AriskiPriyanto"